Salsa & Bachata Try – Out Classes

Join us for our OPEN DAYS for Salsa & Bachata Levels 1 & 2 and experience the joy of dancing for only €10 per class. Register for multiple sessions and learn Salsa or Bachata from our friendly instructors. Our classes are suitable for everyone, from beginners to advanced dancers. Select your level from the schedule below and reserve your spot in class.

Not a Beginner?

You can book a tryout in a regular class for levels three and higher! Go to our schedule page and book a tryout or single class.

The next Open Days

The next set of Try-Out classes will be from:
Monday, October 2nd until 4th in Club Panama & Tussen de Bogen 111 and Podium Mozaïek.
Monday, October 23rd until 27th in Club 8, De Kroon, Podium, and Extremos Dance Studio.

You will find the schedule below:

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