Salsa Try – Out Classes

Our Tryouts

We would like to invite you to our try-outs, as these are a perfect opportunity for us to assess you, and for you to assess our classes. There is no need to bring a partner, you are welcome with or without! Just make sure to sign up for it. These classes run for just €3,50 per person, per class. For this price you’ll get a full one-hour fun dance class by a professional instructor. Our next tryouts are from Monday, April 13 until Saturday. April 18, 2020. Registrations will start soon.  After the tryouts, our regular classes will start from Monday, April 20, 2020 onward. If you would like to join one of our current classes, please check out the current schedule

Beginner Bootcamps

If you can’t wait for the try-outs and want to start asap, you can also join one of our Beginner Bootcamps. The next one will be on: