Salsa Try – Out Classes

Extremos Salsa Amsterdam organizes Try-Out classes during our Open Days. These are a perfect opportunity for us to assess you, and for you to assess our classes. You don’t need to bring a partner, you are welcome with or without! Just make sure to sign up for it. These classes run for just €3 per person, per class. For this, you’ll get a full class of 60 minutes and by the end of the class, we’ll make you a great offer to join our regular classes. This offer won’t be available online.

The next Open Days will be on Tuesday, February 5, and From Monday, February 25th until Friday, March 1. Full Schedule will be online soon.

Booking a trial class in our regular schedule

If you can’t make it to our try-out week or just can’t wait to start, there is the option to join a class in our regular schedule. This will cost 10 Euro per person, but only if you book it online. You can book your trial class here. For beginners, we strongly recommend to contact us before booking in a regular course, as the course you’d want to join might already be to far advanced to join without prior experience.

Tuesday, February 5 at Chasse Dance Studio

19:30 - 20:30
Salsa 1 | Absolute Beginners
20:45 - 21:45
Bachata 1 | Absolute Beginners

Monday, Februay 25th at Club 8

Tuesday, February 26th at Club 8

Wednesday, February 27 at Club 8

Thursday, February 28 at Club 8

Friday, March 1 at Chasse Dance Studio