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Sigamos bailando! Join our Zoom lessons and get ready for Styling classes, Body Isolation, Fancy Salsa Footwork, and more!
Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are currently teaching online only. As soon as the regulations allow us to open again, we will be more than happy to welcome you to our studios!  

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Body IsolationMartina 
In this class, you will learn all about body awareness! Martina will teach you how to isolate your shoulders, upper body, and hips and how to incorporate this smoothly into your salsa dancing.

Musicality – Rodolfo 
Get the full Salsa experience in this Musicality class! Dive deeper into Salsa Music and learn more about instruments, accents, hits, and breaks of the songs. Rodolfo will make you connect to the music on another level.

Spinning Technique Male & Female Martina
Spinning is for most students one of the biggest challenges when it comes to dancing. However, with the proper training, turning will go more and more natural. This class will teach you the most important techniques, such as: getting control over your movement, training your core, balance, and indispensable spotting. Spinning will surely be less frightening after following these lessons!

Bachata Footwork – Rodolfo
Practice your Bachata footwork with nice routines, to get better control of your movement. Improve your rhythm and musicality and get into the real vibe of Bachata!

Bachata Lady Styling Martina
A class for all ladies who’d like to practice their sensual movement. You will learn how to dance elegantly to your favorite Bachata Songs. Practice and improve your turns, steps, and female styling in a beautiful choreography. 

Bachata Dominican Footwork Rodolfo
Are you familiar with Dominican Bachata? This original style differs from the modern Sensual version. Dominican Bachata focuses more on fast footwork and less on fancy dance patterns. The “Requinto”, the typical guitar that’s being used in every song, will get you into the vibe of this fun dance style!

Switch On2 Footwork Martina
What is On2 and why do we dance On2? This will be explained in the Switch On2 class, where you will learn to go deeper into the music and learn to dance to another count in Salsa Rhythm. A (semi) advanced level for regular Salsa On1 dancing is preferred to join these classes.

Shines for Social Dancing Rodolfo
In this class you will practice easy and fun footwork that you can use on the dance floor, so you’ll never have a black-out while solo dancing. No need to panic anymore on the dance floor!

Stretching Male & Female Martina
Stretching your body has great health benefits for everyone. Think about how much time most of us spend sitting behind a desk or laptop without stretching the muscles! Your back, neck, and hips tend to get stiff easily when we are in the same position for hours. Martina will help you loosen up the tension in your body and make you feel brand new.

Fancy Footwork Rodolfo
Get ready for some fun with Rodolfo’s Fancy Footwork class! Elevate your skills to another level with fast and challenging dance steps. This class comes in two levels: Basic and Intermediate. Don’t be scared, Rodolfo will guide you through it with super clear explanations.

Cha Cha Footwork Rodolfo
Of all Latin Rhythms, Cha Cha probably the most challenging one, due to the quick triple-step on the cha cha cha. However confusing it may be for many less experienced dancers, with the right explanation and practice, you will surely learn it in no-time. 

Salsa Syllabus Rodolfo
Go back to basics and work on your dance Fundamentals, including all the must-know salsa moves! Suzy Q, Right and Left turn, (Front) Double Cross Step, Right & Left turning Technique, and more. Salsa from scratch, to refresh your memory.