Private Classes

Would you like to get a one on one class with one of our instructors? Privates are the best way to quickly learn or improve your dance skills. Under the supervision by an instructor who will focus completely on you, you will move forward and get ready to burn the dance floor in no time. Most of our instructors are not available on weekdays after 19:00 as they teach the group classes then.

1 person

· 75€ per hour
· 300€ for 5 hours

2 people

· 85€ per hour
· 375€ for 5 hours

If you sign up for a 1-year Platinum membership with us, you’ll get a 1-hour private for free with one of our instructors.

For a private class with more than 2 people, please contact us for pricing.


Our Prices

There are two different ways for you to join the fun at Extremos:
1) Buy a card for a set number of credits. One credit is good for one class.
2) Become a member and join one, two, three or an unlimited number of classes per week for a monthly fee.

Make the most of the membership
Uniquely in Amsterdam, Extremos Salsa Amsterdam allows you to choose how many classes you’d like to attend per week. The cost depends on the number of classes and the minimum length of the contract. It is also possible to combine Ladies Styling, Salsa and Bachata with a membership.

All memberships are auto-renewed per month, until cancellation, after the contract period. The cancelation notice is one month. The auto-renewal does not apply if you purchase credits.

Please note that all memberships are renewed each month after the initial period.