Try – Out Classes for Absolute Beginners!

Our Courses

If you are a beginner with no (or little) experience, we have the perfect classes for you. Our Salsa 1 & Bachata 1 are short 6-week courses where you will learn the fundamentals of these Latin dances. As a novice dancer, it’s best to start from the beginning and learn the fundamentals. This is more than simply learning some steps; in our beginner courses we focus on correct dancing posture, arm movement, timing, lead & follow techniques, as well as the most commonly used steps. Every 6-7 weeks, we start a new batch of beginner lessons. Before the start of each course, we organize our Open Days, in which we offer a class for only €5,- pp.
The next set of Try-Outs will be from Monday, May 9th until Saturday, May 14th. If you can’t wait until the Try-Outs, feel free to join one of our Beginner Bootcamps! The new courses will start the week after, from Monday, May 16th onward!

Absolute Beginners Bootcamps Salsa & Bachata

If you have missed the first class(es) on the 6-week course, it’s best to join one of our 3-hour Absolute Beginners Bootcamp on Sunday, where we teach the fundamentals. After taking one of these boot camps, you’ll be ready to join our regular classes.

Special Introduction Offer for Beginners

If you are new to our dance school, you can make use of our special offer which allows you to take 2 classes per week, for 6 weeks, 12 classes total. You can use this for all our beginner classes Salsa, Bachata, and Ladies Styling 1, and combining is possible. Click here to get our special offer!