Our classes are divided into 6 week periods. The Salsa Beginners & Improvers classes are courses with classes that build on the previous week’s material. For these classes, it’s best to start at the beginning. For Intermediate and higher you can start at any point as these classes are ongoing.

To join a class you can purchase either a class card (credits) or a membership (subscription). After purchasing you can choose which classes you want to follow from our schedule. The credits can be used in any class of the schedule as long as it fits your level. See all pricing optionsĀ here.

We teach in two locations, Club Lite and Chasse Dance Studio. Please look at the schedule where your class is. Scroll down for the addresses.


UPCOMING PERIODS (select the date in the schedule calendar)

Our next courses will start in week 48 (Monday, November 27th onward). Please be aware that for classes of intermediate level and higher you can start at any point as these are ongoing classes.

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See below a brief description of our levels. Please note that we can’t tell you exactly what your level is without seeing you in action as each person is different. Two people who took all the same classes can dance on completely different levels.

What’s at least as important as the previous classes you took is how often you go out and burn the dance floor. The more you practice the better you become!

Level 1 | Salsa Beginners (Courses)
This is our most basic level in which you learn the fundamentals of Latin partner dancing. This is more than just doing “the steps” as we emphasize on posture, arm movements and lead & follow techniques.

It’s best to start this class from the beginning, so check above when and where the next beginner courses start. If you want to join once the course already started it’s best to give us a call.

Level 2 | Salsa Improvers (Courses)
In our second level we go further in the lead & follow techniques, you’ll learn new basic turns and more footwork. This is not the right level if you don’t know your basics yet, even if you are talented or have been on a vacation to a latin country and danced a lot with the locals šŸ˜‰

It’s best to start this class from the beginning, so check above when and where the next Improvers courses start.

Level 3 | Salsa Intermediate (Ongoing classes)
Everything you have learned in the basic courses is now combined into longer and more complicated turn patterns. There will also be more emphasis on styling, especially for the ladies.

LevelĀ 4 | Salsa Semi AdvancedĀ (Ongoing classes)
In our Semi Advanced level, you are expected to have a good overall lead & follow technique, know your basic turns and are comfortable on the dance floor. We will also start with Spin Techniques.

LevelĀ 5 | Salsa AdvancedĀ (Ongoing classes)
The difference between our Semi Advanced and Advanced is mostly the level of the participants, as the turn patterns are not necessarily more complicated. Ladies, however, MUST know how to spin!


We teach in two locations, please make sure you look at the schedule where your class is.

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday Classes:
Club Lite

Jan van Galenstraat 24, 1051 KM Amsterdam

Tuesday Classes:
Chasse Dance Studio

Chassestraat 64, 1057 JJ Amsterdam