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Let’s salsa! Dance to your own tune

There are two different ways for you to join the fun at Extremos:
1) Become a member and join one, two, three or an unlimited number of classes per week.
2) Buy a card for a set number of classes

Make the most of membership
Uniquely in Amsterdam, Extremos allows you to choose how many classes you’d like to attend per week. The cost depends on the number of classes and minimum length of the contract. It is also possible to combine Ladies Styling, Salsa Advanced, Body Awareness and Bachata with a membership.

All our lessons are drop-in classes so you can start at any point in time! No need to wait, start today.

Our next courses for absolute beginners will start in August after our tryouts. Classes are scheduled on Monday and Thursday. If you have no prior experience with salsa we strongly recommend to join the classes from the very start of the course. You are not limited to just one specific day, but instead, you can join any day that fits your schedule best, as long as you let us know when. Many of our members come (at least) twice a week, which greatly improves the dance skills in a short time.

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