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Spice Up Your Company Events with Salsa & Bachata Workshops: Unleash Team Building Fun!

Ready to level up your team building? Look no further! Introducing our captivating Salsa & Bachata workshops designed for businesses like yours.

Why settle for ordinary team-building exercises when you can infuse energy, excitement, and the joy of dance into your corporate events? Our workshops offer the perfect blend of learning and fun, creating lasting bonds among your colleagues.

Here’s why our Salsa & Bachata workshops stand out:

  1. Ignite Team Spirit: Watch as your team embarks on a rhythmic journey together. Our expert instructors will break the ice, encouraging everyone to leave their comfort zones. Through synchronized movements and shared experiences, colleagues will strengthen their bonds, communication, and collaboration skills.
  2. Unleash the Fun: Say goodbye to dull team building! Picture your team grooving to infectious Latin beats, feeling the rhythm in their bodies, and having a blast. Laughter will fill the room as they master Salsa’s sultry steps and Bachata’s playful twirls, creating unforgettable memories.
  3. Professional Guidance: Our experienced instructors are not only dance masters but also skilled facilitators. They will tailor each workshop to meet your objectives, guiding your team through every step and ensuring an engaging experience.
  4. Inclusivity for All: No dancing experience? No problem! Our workshops welcome dancers of all levels. With patient guidance and clear instruction, everyone will feel comfortable and confident, fostering an inclusive atmosphere where everyone can shine.
  5. Lasting Impact: The benefits extend beyond the dance floor. The skills learned—trust-building, active listening, and adaptability—will translate into the workplace. Your team will return with renewed camaraderie and effective communication techniques, boosting productivity and teamwork.

Don’t miss this sensational opportunity to spice up your company events. Contact us now to schedule your customized Salsa & Bachata workshop. Let’s dance to stronger teams, one step at a time!


Workshops can be done either at one of our locations or at one of your choosing. Depending on the location, there can also be catering like lunch, coffee, or tea.


Discover our transparent and flexible pricing for your next event!

We believe in providing greeat value for your money. To make it easier for you to understand, let us break down our pricing structure:

  1. Pricing per person: For each attendee, the cost is a flat rate of 20€. This covers all the services and amenities we provide during your event.
  2. Room rental (if needed): In addition to the per-person cost, there might be a separate charge for renting the event space.
  3. Minimum and maximum costs: We understand that events can vary in size, so we have set a minimum and maximum threshold to accommodate different needs. The minimum charge for any event is 300€, ensuring that even smaller gatherings can benefit from our services. On the other hand, the maximum charge is capped at 900€, providing you peace of mind that your budget won’t be exceeded for larger events.

We want you to control your expenses and make informed decisions. Our transparent pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment, regardless of the size of your event.

Please note that all prices mentioned above are exclusive of VAT. If you have any questions or require further details, our team is always available to assist you. Let us help you create a memorable experience!



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