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About Us

Discover Extremos, the Netherlands’ premier salsa and bachata dance school since 2000. Step into a vibrant community where learning to dance goes hand in hand with forging lifelong friendships and unwinding after a long day.

Feel the rhythm as we host extraordinary events, such as the renowned Amsterdam International Salsa Festival and the Amsterdam International Bachata Festival, where thousands from around the world flock to Amsterdam. 

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Our Levels

`Level 1: Absolute Beginners

Discover the art of partner dancing in our basic level courses. Learn the essential foundations, master lead and follow techniques, and embrace proper dancing etiquette. These courses are designed to progress each week, building upon the elements taught before.

If you’re new to Latin dancing, it’s best to start at the beginning of a new course for a solid start. However, if the courses have already begun, you can join our Beginner Bootcamps on Sundays. These sessions will equip you with the fundamentals and prepare you to jump into an ongoing course.

Don’t miss out on the joy of dance! Join us today and unlock the thrilling world of partner dancing.

Level 2: Improvers

Take your lead and follow techniques to the next level in our exciting second level! Discover a world of new basic turns and expand your footwork repertoire. However, if you’re still working on your basics, this may not be the right level for you, even if you’ve had the chance to dance up a storm in Latin countries.

Unlike our progressive beginner’s courses, the second level is an ongoing adventure. Each class brings something fresh and exciting, building upon the techniques you’ve already learned. To move on to level 3, we typically recommend completing around 20 lessons at this level.

Step up your dance game and seize the opportunity to grow as a dancer.

Level 3: Intermediate

Prepare to level up your dance skills as we blend everything you’ve learned in the introductory courses into dynamic and captivating extended turn patterns. Get ready to embrace complexity and unleash your creativity on the dance floor!

But that’s not all. Our next level also places a special focus on styling, with a particular emphasis on bringing out the inner elegance and grace of our female dancers. You’ll discover exciting techniques to add flair and finesse to your moves, ensuring you shine like never before.

Level 4: Semi Advanced

As a Semi Advanced dancer, you should possess exceptional lead and follow skills, be well-versed in basic turns, and feel confident on the dance floor. Additionally, we will delve into Spin Techniques.

Level 5: Advanced

Our Semi Advanced and Advanced programs differ primarily in the skill level of participants. Although the turn patterns taught are not necessarily more complex, spinning skills are crucial for the ladies.

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Salsa and Bachata Amsterdam

Salsa is a viral dance with its origin lying mainly in Cuba. It’s a collective term for different rhythms, such as Son, Mambo & Cha-Cha-Cha. Bachata’s origins are in the Dominican Republic but have overtaken the world in recent years. We teach Sensual Bachata Style, which is, by far, the most popular style in the Netherlands.

Extremos Salsa School Amsterdam

Come and join the fun at Extremos, the dance school in Amsterdam that specializes in Salsa and Bachata! Our experienced instructors have been teaching these dance lessons for over 20 years. Salsa has become increasingly popular in recent years, not only in Amsterdam but throughout the Netherlands. People of all ages are enjoying these exotic rhythms. At Extremos, we welcome everyone to come and learn Salsa and Bachata dancing. Our lessons are conducted in English, making them accessible to everyone. With over 900 people from different nationalities, Extremos is one of the most popular dance schools in Amsterdam. We strive to create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, while also providing personal attention to help improve your dancing techniques. Let’s dance together at Extremos!

Bachata In Amsterdam

At Extremos in Amsterdam, we offer Bachata lessons in addition to our Salsa classes. These lessons are taught at various levels and are available 2 to 3 times per day. We welcome both beginners and experienced Bachata dancers to join us for a 60-minute session.

Salsa Trial Lesson Amsterdam

Our school offers a variety of subscriptions to accommodate your busy schedule. Have you ever considered trying a Salsa lesson at Extremos? For just €5, you can take a trial lesson in Salsa or Bachata at our dance school in Amsterdam. This way, you can determine if Salsa dancing is something you enjoy. During the trial lesson, our instructor will teach you some Salsa techniques and ensure that you start at a comfortable pace. You will be dancing with other beginners at one of our facilities in Amsterdam, which are located in Amsterdam West, East, and the city center. 

Our schedules detail the specific lessons and times they are offered. On average, we offer 5 to 8 lessons each day, so there is always a lesson that fits your schedule and skill level. Each lesson is assigned a number indicating its difficulty, with 1 being the lowest level (beginner Salsa) and 5 being ideal for more experienced dancers.

Salsa Lessons Amsterdam

We offer Salsa lessons at varying levels of difficulty, catering to both novice and experienced dancers. Check out the Extremos Salsa School’s agenda to view the available lessons. Our lessons are taught every day of the week and you don’t need a partner to participate. We’ll teach you all the techniques you need to know in a short amount of time!

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