It’s time for Reggaeton! If we can’t dance in clubs, we will do it in class!

Join this amazing 2-hour Bootcamp by Valerie Lopez and learn how to dance to the best Reggaeton tunes. You will learn an energetic, fun, and sexy choreography. Valerie will make you work and bring out your fierce side! Feeling confident is the main focus! At the end of the Bootcamp, performing and filming the choreography is optional.

What to wear:
Make sure to wear your best dance outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident! The choreography will be made for SNEAKERS (sorry ladies, no heels)

Date: Sunday, November 29th 
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: CanDance Studios
(first €10,- with iDeal, remaining amount in cash at the location)