Do you want to dance more than just once a week?

ur memberships will give you the best value for money. You’ll pay significantly less per class than when purchasing single classes or even a 10 – class card. You’ll pay a monthly amount and can go to the classes you want. We offer two different memberships:

  1. Gold | Allowes you to take unlimited classes including salsa, bachata and ladies styling. You can choose between a 3, 6 or 12 months minimum. The longer you choose the less you pay per month

Please be aware that all memberships are renewed each month after the minimum period and by registering for a membership you agree with our Terms & Conditions

With all memberships you can join our Absolute Beginners Bootcamp on Saturday for free!!!

How to get your membership offline
Step 1) Make an account on our Mindbody Page
Step 2) Come by our dance school and fill in a registration form. make sure to bring ID and your bank card for bank account confirmation!

How to get your membership online.
Step 1) Select your membership below
Step 2) Make an account on our MindBody Page
Step 3) Pay the first month by Credit Card or Ideal. If you pay by credit card the remaining months will also be credited from your card In case you paid with Ideal, the other months will be paid through sepa incasso (direct debit)